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Towns need a lot of work to make them tick.

A lot of this work falls back to a place called ‘Council’. You may know these guys as the ones that build the footpaths and sort your recycling, but that’s just the start of it.

For Waipā, we spend around $280 million each year on making our towns awesome. Rates are one of the ways councils get money. An average rates bill works out to be around $340 per month. Sounds a lot, but when you compare it to how much you pay for just the one service like power each month, it's a pretty good deal.

Take a tiki-tour and find out what really is involved in running your town.

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As well as the Waikato River, we have 19 lakes – including our world famous one called Karapiro. While looking after the water sits with the regional council, we make sure these lakes are surrounded by good facilities - toilets, planting, ramps, walkways etc

Animal control

We may be known for our cows but Waipā also loves their dogs. We have 9,508 of them, so that’s around one dog per six people.  Our job is to keep our dogs and our community as safe as possible.

Stopping the flooding

Ever wondered what happens to all the water when we get a heavy downpour? We have nearly 575km of pipes and drains to collect water so you don’t end up knee deep in it. That’s enough to get to Wellington from Cambridge!

We're in charge when it all turns to custard.

Whether it’s a massive storm, cyclone, flooding or earthquake, as soon as there is an emergency, we will be geared up at our Civil Defence HQ and make sure plans are in place to help everyone be as safe as they can be.

Helping you be green

Each month we collect a lot of your recycling - 3573 tonnes in fact which is the same weight as around 57 T-Rex dinosaurs!

Building & development

We make sure houses are built properly so our residents are safe and warm. We process more than 1,500 building consents a year, that’s a further 7,000 on-site checks and a whole lot of plans to look through and sign off. Waipā is growing fast!

Pensioner housing

Not only are we growing, we are aging and by 2041 more than a third of us will be over 65! We own around 93 pensioner housing units that are there to make sure our over 65s can have a warm safe place to live.

Parks and reserves

We provide 132 parks and reserves for you to enjoy – that’s a whole lot of swinging and sliding... and lawn mowing, gardening, rubbish collecting, sign installing...plus a whole lot of decisions about where they should go, how big they should be, what they should include...

Road signs

Whether you love them or hate them, speed limits are a must. We set the local speed limits so you can know how fast you should safely travel.

Providing parking

We provide parking around the district and in some places we set limits for how long you can park for. This isn’t just because we like to be annoying...having parking limits means there's spaces for different people in and out of town...and it's a way of stop you having to say ‘there’s no parks!’

Walkways & cycleways

There’s no excuse not to exercise in Waipā! We maintain more than 250km of footpaths and cycleways...and get to plan where new cycleways should go. A fit-bit is definitely a good investment around here.

Future planning

As well as looking at the now, we spend time thinking about and planning for the future of our towns. We look at things like where everything should go and how everyone will best fit in....while at the same time keeping the special character of our towns intact.

Waste water

We take care of your 1s and 2s after you flush the loo. And Waipa flushes the loo a lot! All up we collect and treat 3.2 billion litres of wastewater every year.

On top of this, we also provide a whole heap of public toilets around the place - at your service, yes we are!

It's all go with h20

It may look like we have a lot of water around in our lakes and rivers but before you can even think about drinking it, it needs to go through a big treatment process at our water treatment plants.

Each year, we treat and supply the district with over 9.5 billion litres of drinkable water – that’s over 170,000 litres per person...and a lot of happy gardens.

We look after more than 1,115km of road – that’s about the same length as Cambridge to Wellington and back! We’re always working on new projects to make sure you can get from A – B as easily, and safely as possible.

Swimming pools

Whether you prefer to freestyle, backstroke or you're simply trying to master your underwater handstand, we provide two outstanding pool complexes for your swimming leisure.


How did we become who we are today? We recognise and celebrate our history and help to tell the stories of the ‘good old days’ through Te Ara Wai.

Eating out

There's not many of us who don't like to go out to enjoy a good meal or cold bevvy. We put checks in place and do a whole lot of monitoring to make sure where you're eating and drinking is safe, super hygienic - and law abiding!


We’re the Home of Champions - we make fun happen! We fund, support and host all sorts of events that add to our towns' awesomeness. Check out whatsonwaipa.co.nz to find out more.

Encouraging business

Development allows our towns to grow and become even better. We make sure Waipā is put on show to developers and aim to make it as easy as possible to set up and do business with us.


All up we have more than 140,000 books, DVDs and puzzles available to borrow from our two libraries. With more than two-thirds of our entire population signed up as members, we definitely make the most of every single one of them!

People like to talk. Each year, we pick up the phone to more than 72,000 calls about anything and everything! Add to this emails, Facebook posts and face-to-face meetings. That’s a whole lot of chatting about everything that goes into making our towns tick.

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